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SofTrack Managed Applications

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Purchase Tracking combined with Live Inventory keep you up-to-date

SofTrack's Lifecycle Feature Managed Applications feature provides a flexible database to store all purchase and other details of your Windows®-based and Macintosh®-based software licenses.

Specific details tracked are defined by you. By defining the fields important to you and automatically combining those values with live software inventory data you will always be up-to-date.

SofTrack's Managed Applications feature is especially designed for administrators who are currently using spreadsheets, notebooks or other manual methods to track purchase records and software installations.

SofTrack's simple interface is quick to setup and keep current. It includes useful features such as:

  • Alerts for any date fields (such as maintenance renewals) occurring in the next 30, 60 and 90 days
  • Combine multiple deployed applications into a single managed application profile
  • License Violation scan - find any managed application profiles where actual installations exceed purchases and view workstations where installed
  • Optional multiple levels of purchase tracking enabling separate tracking of licenses per department or other organization and specific records for each all within the same profile
  • Ability to store scanned images, PDFs, license files and any other required document type

  • To keep you up-to-date, SofTrack Managed Application Profiles you create directly incorporate live application inventory records discovered via SofTrack's Quick Inventory from your workstations.

    SofTrack's Managed Applications database is a simple arrangement that requires no backend 3rd party database yet is entirely configurable to meet your specific needs.

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    License Compliance Focus

    SofTrack's Managed Applications feature provides a focused method to manage your purchase records for licensed applications.

    Managed Applications: Main Screen

    You define the data items and fields relevant to your needs. There is no limit on the number of fields you can specify using the following data types: Text, Date, File and Number.

    Managed Applications: Data Field Definitions

    Complete Records Management

    SofTrack's Managed Applications goes beyond most simple solutions by providing live interaction with your real-time application inventories gathered on each workstation and submitted to a central repository. Check for license violations to help ensure license compliance.

    Managed Applications: Sample Profile

    SofTrack's Managed Applications feature is included both SofTrack Quick Inventory and SofTrack for Windows (full product).

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